What is a hashtag?

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag can be defined and is known in English as a hashtag as a code for sharing keywords on many social networking sites such as Twitter and other sites, and the hashtag is used with another word associated with it in order to facilitate access to that word by other users, and there is a hashtag symbol ( # ) on the keyboard on the same key as the number 3.

How to make a hashtag on Twitter

The user can place a hashtag on Twitter by placing a sign ( # ) before the word or phrase he wants to make a hashtag, provided that the word or phrase is not separated from the hashtag symbol by any commas or punctuation marks, and it is worth noting that when the user posts a tweet containing A word or phrase that contains a hashtag, that hashtag will become a link that can be clicked to take the user to a new page containing all the tweets that contain the same hashtag, which makes it easier for users to find specific tweets related to a topic.

How to make a hashtag on Facebook

A Facebook user can use the hashtag by doing the following steps: [3] Log in to the user’s Facebook account. Clicking inside the Update Status box box. Typing what the user wants to publish on Facebook and then writing the hashtag symbol ( # ) followed by the word the user wants to make as a hashtag. It should be noted that the hashtag symbol and the word should not be separated by any separator or symbols. Post the content and the hashtag that the user wants to publish on Facebook by clicking on the Post button, and you can click on the word that hashtag has been made to display all the posts that share the user’s hashtag.

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